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    While imagining situations for this book, he recalled an vision richardson scandal and developed it into Pamela, or Virtue Rewardeda novel about a servant girl whose firmness, vitality, literacy, and superior intelligence turn her master's lust into a decorous love that leads to their marriage.

    All of Pamela's virtues of fresh characterization, immediacy what Richardson called "writing to the moment" of the character's consciousnessand the involvement of the reader in the character's intense and fluctuating fantasies, together with a much more focused seriousness, a more varied and vision richardson cast of letter writers, and a more fundamental examination of moral and social issues, make his vision richardson novel, Clarissa Hawlowea masterpiece.

    Although anyone who reads this huge novel for its plot may hang himself as Richardson's friend Samuel Johnson saidreaders have been fascinated by the complex conflict between Clarissa Harlowe and Robert Lovelace, two of the most fully realized vision richardson, psychologically and socially, in all of literature.

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    Like such great successors as Rousseau see Vol. Lawrence, Richardson understands and shows us, in Diderot's see Vols.

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    Although Richardson's last novel, Sir Charles Grandisonlike Pamela Part IImainly undertakes comic delineation of manners, it also examines the serious issues of love between a Protestant and a Catholic, and experiments technically with flashbacks, with stenographic reports, and most assertively with vision richardson pure hero, a male Clarissa of irresistible charm and power. At its best, Richardson's work fuses the epistolary technique, the use of dramatic scenes, the traditions of religious biography, and the elements of current romantic fiction to achieve precise analysis, an air of total verisimilitude, and a vision of a world of primal psychological forces in conflict.

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